Two-worlds –  What really came to complicate my consciousness and my perception and understanding of my experiences is the existence of 2-world realities: 1.) a phenomenal world reality of the perception of outer experiences, and 2.) a noumenal world reality of the apperception of inner experiences. The Ancient Greeks were the first to point out the existence of these two-world realities. The obscurity of the phenomenal world of experiences has been difficult for me to perceive, be aware of, think about, and to comprehend (review CACK Model). What I perceived in the phenomenal world has often been quite limited because my senses were only able to pick-up a small fraction of what I was exposed too and able to experience. However, the opaqueness of the noumenal world of apperception is unquestionably more limited. Humans can accurately apperceive only a small portion of the inner inituitive and emotive data that we are exposed to. I know with the recognition of having these two-world realities it has become all the more complex for me to grasp the true nature of my life experiences. However, I now know that a vast sea of knowledge is available to us that can be useful in our journey, and our attempts to satisfy our core inborn needs, and move us to more meaningful levels of living-in-balance.

In a positive fashion, a recognition of noumenality helps us understand aspects of reality that can’t be understood alone by the sensorial world. The noumenal world exists beyond initial sensorial perception of appearance.  Noumenality a suprasensible apperception giving us levels of consciousness, awareness, comprehendsion, and knowledge (review CACK Model) beyond the perception of the 5 senses of phenomenal awareness and comprehension.  Our goal should be to build a bridge that can link and fill in the gaps between our vast ancestral noumenal reality and our present phenomenal reality.  We should aim to discover the areas where these two-worlds can overlap and cooperate with each other, and thus gain useful knowledge in satisfying our inborn natural needs

two worlds chart

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