Noumenal World

In a previous post, I mentioned the two-worlds of phenomenality and noumenality.  The noumenal world is the intuitive world of inner experiences, observations, and apperception. Apperception is an important concept I earlier mentioned. Apperception pertains to implanted earlier experiences (ap = before).  I value apperception as an inner sense of inherited transgenerational past experiences. Apperception is a priori (from-the- earlier) of inherited experiences. Noumenality includes unifying precursor experiences and events that vastly predate homo sapiens that we are evolutionarily descendants of. The noumenal world studies the apperception of unconscious level pre-existing experiences. Noumenon is a Greek word that includes nous where nous is translated as mind, intellect, and sometimes referred to as the “eye of the heart.” Homer used nous to refer to mental activities, and Anaxagoras used the term to refer to a universal mind. In an illative (deductive) sense I view nous as the realm of the apperceptual intuitive and emotive. I view noumenality as a universal mind, a vast collective memory mind, a genetic cross-generational mind that includes archetypal forces. Noumenality is the apperception of a primordial revelatory intelligence that is common to all of us, and if we work at it can be available to all of us.

Immanuel Kant addressed the dichotomy of the phenomenal and noumenal worlds. Kantian dualism evaluated noumena as merely aspects of the unknown phenomena, or experiences in the sensorial world that we can’t perceive or become aware of. Schopenhauer accepts Kant’s phenomenal domain of sensorial experiences but rejects his view of an unknown noumenal domain. Schopenhauer said the noumenal domain is distinct from the phenomenal domain and we can have access to this inner world. Not to tarnish my enamored respect and appreciation for Kant, but I highly prefer and accept Schopenhauers understanding of an inner noumenality that we can enter. However, I build on Schopenhauer’s view of noumenality by extending it to a noumenal world that can open up to a massive inner apperceptual world that we can have access to. Having access to this huge unconscious world adds so much ancient knowledge in our journey. I argue it is within our ability to have access to this noumenal inner world, this a priori within world (prior to experience), this vast unconscious (Cu) world (more to come).

noumenal world

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