Phenomenal World

In a previous post I identified the 2-worlds of phenomenality and noumenality. The phenomenal world is the sensorial world previously mentioned of external experiences, observations, and perception. It studies the perception of conscious experiences. It is a sensorial qualia world of “the-thing-as-it-appears” such as facts, occurrences, events, environmental happenings, social activities, and physical activities. The phenomenal world is a world outside of the Self. It is a world where there is an experience (event) and then a perception of that experience —> the perception takes place after the experience. Thus, it is perception that is a posterior (from- the-latter), and is dependent on an experience.  Our goal should be to get our perceptions as close to the actual experiences we have, and hopefully what we perceive becomes more accurate. The phenomenal world is more about the Neocortex perception. It is perceptual consciousness that can be brought to awareness by concrete thinking, and when interpreted with critical thinking can lead increased comprehension and maybe useable knowledge.

phenomenal world

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