Phenomenal & Noumenal

Over the last couple of posts I having been discussing the concept of Phenomenology as it relates to perception and time. Right now, I am going to further complicate the concepts of Phenomenology, perception, and time by throwing a monkey wrench into the equation as I focus on 2-worlds.  Posts to come will address Phenomenology as it relates to two different worlds that play a major role in the Theory of Balanceology and the Balancetherapy Treatment Model.  For me, an understanding of these 2-worlds became a significant factor for me in realizing the degree and amount of self-growth and self-evolution that can happen in my life if I understood and activated both of these worlds. An understanding of these 2-worlds can become a major factor in helping satisfy basal, deeper, and higher needs. I previously hinted at these 2-worlds when I reviewed consciousness and unconsciousness (review previous posts).


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