Chronos vs. Kairos

Kairos is an ancient Greek word that basically means the right moment (opportune moment) to do something. The ancient Greeks had two views of time: 1.) chronos time is quantitative and sequential time that involves seconds, minutes, hours, days, and 2.)  kairos time is qualitative and present time  where special happenings can take place. Kairos is about not being frivolous or to fritter away the use of our time. Kairos time is unequivocally seizing the moment, impeccable timing, doing something special, and working with fate. I view kairos time as overlapping with carpe diem, or seizing the day. Kairos is the realization that “timing can be everything!” Kairos is an appreciation that experiences in our life are often about timing:  i. e. there is a time to get in <> there is a time to get out. I review kairos time again in later posts when I discuss making the most out of Jump-Time and Jump-Start.


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