Time Flows

Time flows is a feature of time. There is no distinct demarcation time-line of what we experience since time is in motion. All of our experiences unfold and flow into one another. Henri Bergson viewed time according to duree (duration). Duree makes time a process that is enduring, dynamic, continuous, and flowing. Remember, I consider consciousness and thinking as processes. Anthony Peake said, “you are traveling along a timeline of perception.” (2006) Time swiftly unfolds and moves along bumping into ever new experiences and leaving behind our perceptions of those experiences. It was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who advised, “use well your time, so swiftly it runs on.” (Trans, 1961) For classical macro- scopic time there is the arrow of time —> a one-way directional time-line. Classical time is the straight-line sequential movement of time and the changes in time. However, in Nature straight lines are rare. For quantum microscopic time, there is an arrow of time that can non-sequentially move up and down, or even sideways (wave-particle time).

time flows

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