Phenomenology includes our experience-in-time.  I now know and can appreciate that whatever events  we experience, and our perceptions of them, is of energy-matter happening in space-time. Life is our experiences and our perceptions taking place in time.  I point out that one consequence of Albert Einstein’s E = mc2  equation was the collapse of absolute time. I emphasize that no matter how time is defined or how it is viewed, the very presence and essence of time implies change.  In a previous post, when I discussed evolution, I referred to change as unfolding. In reality, all of our experiences and their perceptions involve time and change:  Time changes:  Experiences and events change.  Time changes:  Consciousness changes (awake/alert). Time changes:  Awareness can change (cognitio sensibilis perception of the experience).  Time changes:  Comprehension can change (cognitio intellectualis perception of the experience).  Time changes:  Knowledge can change (useable knowledge may increase). I remind the readers that the CACK Model concerns consciousness, awareness, comprehension, and knowledge.

experiences in time

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