Human Perception

Human perception is the individual manner in which each of us views the world from our own solipsistic window. Our perception depends on our unique brain’s quantum-chemical-electrical make-up, temperament, developmental characteristics, etc. All of us perceive the world differently. My experiences are not anyone else’s experiences. My perceptions are not anyone else’s perceptions. Thus, my cognitive interpretations of the world will be different from the readers. In order to better understand ourselves, we have to put forth a real effort to empathetically enter  our perceptual world. I have to put forth a real effort to think about (cognitio sensibilis + cognitio intellectualis), and bring to awareness and comprehension of my phenomenal world. To attempt to empathetically enter and understand another person’s phenomenological perceptual world requires an even greater effort be put forth.

In my construction of the Theory of Balanceology, I came to view phenomenology as a unifying concept for consciousness, awareness, comprehension, and the acquiring of new knowledge. Individual unique perceptional experiences play a important role in the initial awareness (concrete thinking), and enhanced awareness and comprehension (critical thinking) components of the CACK Model. I now understand phenomenology as an inclusive concept when it comes to gathering phenomenal data that can lead to useable knowledge (more to come). Phenomenology can be a significant unifying and inclusive concept for self-evolutionary growth if individually we come to an awareness, comprehension, and understanding of the unique nature of our own perceptual experiences

human perception

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