Perceptual Experiences

I stress in my discussion of Phenomenology, that the levels of perceptual experiences correlate with the levels of conscious alertness and awakefulness. The average person only experiences a small percentage of sensory perceptual input. Perception is like a “moving train” and we just can’t perceive, absorb and think about all of our experiences. We are constantly being bombarded environmentally by stimuli.   Sensorial experiences  give quantum-electro-chemical input to the brain.  They can be experiences related to the physical environment or related to family, social activities, and work situations. Whatever we experience comes down to our perception of those experiences that are constantly barraging us. Our very existence and our quality of life involve the many experiences we are inundated with and our perceptions, alertness, awareness, and comprehension of them. Life is about what we experience and what we have unexperienced. I deem thinking as the key ingredient or nexus between a conscious experience and bringing awareness and comprehension to the perception of that experience;  i.  e. experience —> thinking —-> perception. I interpret and I view perception as pertaining to consciousness and thinking at two levels:  1.) cognitio sensiblis – is raw data knowledge by way of our senses (visual-seeing, auditory-hearing, gustatory-tasting, olfactory-smelling, and tactile-touching). It allows for concrete thinking awareness and perception of external sensorial experiences or other environmental experiences that can happen socially, at work, during play, etc., and 2.) cognitio intellectualis – is the additional processing of that raw data by way of critical thinking. It brings the initial data of concrete thinking perception and awareness to a higher level of comprehension and maybe useable knowledge  (review CACK Model).

perceptual images

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