Phenomenology – I suggest it important to understand the topic of human consciousness and unconsciousness is complex, obtuse, and has many facets. And, I can’t adequately address human consciousness without introducing the concept of phenomenology. Phenomenology was traditionally studied as a field in philosophy. However, in keeping with my paradigm, I view phenomenology as philosophical and psychological discipline. Edmund Husserl introduced Phenomenology in mid-1890’s Germany. It includes materialistic sensorial experiences:  i. e. sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. It involves consciousness and is an attempt to study the perception of our sensorial experiences. Phenomenology is the study of the first person point of view, the subjective experience as perceived (more to come) by the individual as opposed to the reality of the experience. This makes phenomenology concerned with perception, percipience, and perspective view-points.  The perceptions of our experiences ultimately will shape our worldview and the way we look at life and the human condition (more to come).


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