I argue that there are two forms of unconsciousness:  1.) our collective unconscious  is deep, ancient, transgenerational genetic inheritance that is part of the human species —> it is in all of us. Collective unconsciousness is a massive prequel repository of our species memories that gives us universal datum embedded in our DNA. It makes for a universal kinship for all humans and thus all races. Collective unconsciousness allows us access to this pre-existing ancient mnemonic knowledge to use in our self-evolutionary journeys. It includes memories related to instinctual needs that we try to satisfy. It involves archetypal forms of shared human commonality. The collective unconscious includes humanities collective anxiety, fears, and loneliness. It is mostly of the Limbic Brain but there is some from our Reptilian and Neocortex memory. The collective unconscious is home to cryptic and mystifying Perennial Wisdom that gives us valuable emotive and intuitive guidance. It becomes a matter of allowing this unconscious material to surface to consciousness, awareness and comprehension so it can become useful knowledge (review CACK Model) in our self-evolutionary journey, and 2.) our personal unconscious is our unique memories that we experience and have been stored since conception. Our personal unconscious involves developmental experiences from our personal history that become part of our unique nature. It is the repository of individual memories with many of them being childhood pre-verbal experiences. A significant portion of our personal unconscious memories are repressed due to pain, abuse, tragedy, and/or being traumatized. Personal unconscious memories can be an impediment to self-growth if they are not allowed to surface so they can be confirmed and confronted. In posts to come, I have a lengthy discussion on impediments to change and self-growth.

unconscious mind

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