Process of Consciousness

Process of Consciousness –  Our brain is in a constant state of consciousness having various degrees of intensity. William James referred to a “stream of consciousness” (1890) –> maybe a river of consciousness? A river of consciousness allowing for a river of cognition?  William James considered consciousness to be like a stream that flows where various degrees of consciousness come and go, all depending on the amount of sensorial input. I recognize that there is a stream of consciousness connecting awakefulness, sleep, and dreaming. For indeed. at all stages of consciousness we are receiving some form of outer and inner environmenatal input. However, I only agree with William James and his  stream of consciousness up to a point.  For I maintain there really is no single stream of consciousness.

The human brain has quantum wave-particle underpinnings and competing branches of neural pathways, interconnections, transmitters, and inputs all making for various paths of consciousness. I view consciousness as not so much being a uni-directional flowing stream, but more as taking multi-directional paths that branch out. I agree that there is a steady stream of conscious input, but once entered this input involves a process that moves in different directions all depending upon the amount and intensity of the input. I agree with Aristotle that the mind is a process of consciousness where there is a systematic series of interactions moving in parallel directions. I agree with Edward O Wilson who suggested, “consciousness consists of the parallel processing of vast numbers of such coding networks.” (1998) I view consciousness as a process, and I make a cogent argument that consciousness emulates the many processes found in Nature. Consciousness is a process that involves thoughts and how thoughts are involved in awareness, comprehension, and the accumulation of useable knowledge (review the CACK Model).  So, is consciousness a stream, a process, or both?

process of consciousness


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