Stages of Consciousness

Stages of Consciousness have something to do with the degree and the depth of awareness, comprehension, and knowing (review CACK Model). Stages concern the sensorial knowing of environmental input from one’s eyes, ears, smell, touch, and taste. The stages involve the level of attentional and selectional focus of incoming environmental stimuli. The stage is the degree of consciousness of sensorial input, and trying to be aware, comprehend and understand that experiential input. Consciousness stages are related to, and include the amount of material sensorial alertness, and the amount of immaterial thinking involved in awareness and comprehension. I classify conscious input according to the following three stages:

1.) Awake is real time consciousness of current data input and experiences. It is beta brain waves of 15-40 hz. Awake consciousness, theoretically is what we have most control over.

2.) Asleep consciousness is when we are sleeping. There is consciousness while sleeping, but it is much more subjective because inner sensorial input is limited. Sleeping subjective consciousness can be intense, especially as we go into ever deeper levels of sleep because in deeper levels of sleep we are less guarded.

3.) Dreaming is the deepest stage of sleep and is mainly composed of delta brain waves. There is little outer sensorial input (if any) while dreaming—> input is mainly internal. However, dreams are influenced by the external world’s awake consciousness. Awake life can “follow” us into our dream world. Unfiltered dreams can allow for our inner most nature to come through. Dreams are a major source of guidance. Dreams are trying to tell us something. Dreams that are pushed-up into consciousness have the ability to give us excellent feedback.

stages of consciousness

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