Language & Genetics

Noam Chomsky maintained we have a genetic natural ability to acquire language. He said humans have an innate universal grammar sense and we are born with cognitive abilities. If true, this suggests humans are gifted with a foundational language ability that gives us a capacity to think symbolically. As language symbolically expands it leads to greater enhancement of consciousness, awareness, comprehension, and knowledge (review CACK Model). As language broadens it evolves from concrete thinking to critical thinking. In a post to come, I will point out that language is also important at the unconscious level. Language’s contribution to humanities huge increase in useable knowledge has greatly enhanced our species ability to survive. Language involves words and the ideas built on words. Words are powerful —> it is indeed true that the pen is more powerful than the sword. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Austrian engineer, logician, and philosopher argued that it is putting the words together into sentences that conveys meaning. It is sentences that additionally extend a languages capacity in giving awareness, comprehension, and a greater understanding of our world. I think about people who have multilingual abilities, and how they can additionally extend their critical thinking capabilities. I maintain that multilingualism surely includes a switch-on epigenetic effect. When language is put to paper, writing essentially becomes another vehicle to enhance thinking. Writing amounts to thinking put to paper.  For the Theory Balanceology, I put my thoughts to paper. Confucius was wise enough to understand that words shape what is happening in our life. He said it is words that shape ideas and thoughts. I agree that expanded vocabulary greatly increases our consciousness and our thinking capabilities and that influences how we experience life.

Language and Genetics

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