Origins of Language

Language probably started 30-40,000 years ago with Cro-magnon man. The written form of language is about 6,000-7,000 years old;  i. e when we begin transporting language to paper. With this transportation we begin to record a written history of ourselves on paper. For Karl Peter, oral and written “language facilitated and greatly expands the range of cultural items we transmit to one another.” (2002) We all learn the language of our culture, and normative cultural behaviors are largely taught to us through language. Archaeological evidence suggests the birth home for human beings is Africa (i. e. Out of Africa), and phonetics suggests that the birth home for language is also Africa (i. e. Out of Africa). I have wondered, and I have asked myself  with Africa being the biological birth home for our species and also the home of phonetics, “How much of this genetic and linquistic overlap has made for some similarity, maybe some intermixture of all modern languages?”

language origins

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