Consilient Thinking

I view consilient thinking as coming together, bringing together, and/or combining that allows for a consciousness of greater awareness, comprehension, and useable knowledge (review the CACK Model). I previously used the word consilience in my writing, and I just referred to it in synthetic thinking. Consilience thinking includes inner working brain synthesis thinking that can bring together divergent ideas. Consilience thinking allows greater awareness and comprehension by combining of my ideas with the ideas of others. It promotes cross disciplinary collaboration, diversity, and a variation of ideas. There is a focus on creative thinking, brain storming, observing other people, and empathetic listening. It allows building on ideas of others by understanding that none of us have all the answers, and we all make mistakes. Openness, skepticism, questioning, and a variegation of opinion is encouraged. I maintain that consilient thinking allows for a clear-sightedness that can make for a certain degree of far-sightedness.

IDEO (global design firm) by David Kelly is an example of consilient thinking. Kelly teaches consilient thinking at Stanford University. He asserts that Design Thinking is a form of consilience thinking that it is solution-based thinking. Design Thinking gathers divergent people together from different backgrounds for roundtable discussions embracing and encouraging creative tension that focuses on the solutions to problems. Creative tension pertains to groups having a balance of calmers, disrupters, planners, skepticists, idealists, strategists, futurists, and those who are history-minded. I propose that consilient thinking is great for problem solving that is action-oriented. Design Thinking involves the sensorial, empathetic, cognitive, and intuitive. It is a cross-fertilization thinking-in-action format focused on solving problems, creating new ideas, and thinking out-of-the-box to gather useable knowledge to create new products.  I endorse consilient thinking if it includes openness and transparency. In my posts. I am very open to a consilient thinking among those who view what I post.

Consilient Thinking

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