Consciousness: Cognition

Cognition is an enticing concept for me when I discuss any aspect of human nature. Cognition = thinking.  It is thinking that gives us the ability to reflect on the human condition and our own condition. The word cognition (n) denotes thought,  and to  cogitate (v) is to ponder or to reason. Our thoughts come from brain (matter) —–> immaterial thoughts come from a material brain.  Michael Mallary informs us that, “thoughts are caused by neural impulses through a complex mixture of chemicals and electricity.” (2004) Human thought made an epic advancement 6,000-12,000 years ago because of the cognitive skills needed to have awareness, comprehension, and acquire useable knowledge (CACK Model) that gave us the capability to create fire, farm, make early settlements, manage original communities, build our initial civilizations, and record a written history. Human thought made a towering advancement 400 years ago with the acquired knowledge coming from the Scientific Revolution. In the certain posts to follow, I will continue a discussion on consciousness and its relationship to cognition.  


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