CACK Model: Knowledge

In the Theory of Balanceology’s CACK Model the K stands for Knowledge, the first C for Consciousness, the A for Awareness,  and the second C for Comprehension. Knowledge is a byproduct coming from the precursors of consciousness (alertness), awareness (of experiences), and comprehension (learning from experiences). Knowledge is a spinoff coming from a conveyor of ideas gained from the iterative processes of being conscious and alert, being aware, and comprehending. Comprehension is the capacity to critically think, to understand, to know, to become knowledgeable. Useable knowledge is filling in our knowledge vacuum. A major goal for all of us should be to acquire useful knowledge that can help us enhance wisdom of oneself, and to apply that wisdom into satisfying our inherent needs that helps bring meaning, health and balance to our life.  We should have a drive to acquire useable knowledge that can give us a greater understanding and appreciation of the truths from the natural world.


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