CACK Model: Comprehension

Comprehension is the second C in the CACK Model, where the first C stands for Consciousness, the A refers to Awareness, and the K concerns Knowledge.  Comprehension evolves from consciousness + awareness and takes understanding of our world to an entirely new level. Comprehension is directed focused concentration of awareness. Comprehension includes interpretation of our awareness. I advance the idea that the power of comprehension comes from making consciousness and awareness intelligible. The word comprehension is from com (with) + prehender (catch hold of). For our brain to understand something we must catch hold of, grasp, and apprehend. Comprehension entails a verification of conscious  awareness. Comprehension includes asking the journalistic clarification questions of What, Why, When, How, Who, and Where. Comprehension is the advancement of the concrete thinking of self-awareness to the directed intensification of critical thinking related to higher self-comprehension. Critical thinking is imperative for the incomprehensible to become comprehensible. I view comprehension as involving and including the two key critical elements of how our brain works: 1.) analysis, and 2.) synthesis. Advanced critical thinking entails our brains ability to perform deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. On a personal basis, I appreciate having the ability to inductively reason because it has allowed me to gather together and refer to past cumulative experiences to solve current problems and to build my worldview. Importantly, to comprehend something is the cornerstone of acquiring practical knowledge, and the elimination and discarding of assumptions and misinformation. Thus, comprehension allows us to apprehend, to learn, and to retain useable knowledge (more to come).


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