Consciousness & Awareness (Cont)

In previous posts, I pointed out the entanglement of atomic particle-wave  —–> i. e. material particles with immaterial waves. Now I suggest that somehow there has to be an entanglement of neuronal mind-brain ——> i. e. a material brain with immaterial consciousness. For me, it denotes that from a brain that is material, physical, and neurological there is generated a mind that is immaterial, psychological, and has nonphysical emotions, thoughts, ideas, and language. I have heard some compare the human brain to a computer that is hardwired. And, although I do understand the analogy, I declare that our brains are just too complex and intricate to be compared to computer and hardwired terminology. Our brains are so much more than a machine! A consciousness that leads to awareness, then self-awareness, and then onto self-comprehension just has to be more than electromagnetism, neurons firing, and neuro-transmitters. In the following box I state the consciousness and awareness problem in yet another series of questions:

consciousness and awareness chart

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