Consciousness & Awareness

Modern science has accepted a monistic view of the mind-body where both are of the same element. However, there exists a huge mystery generating many questions as to how consciousness (mind) can come from body (matter). I wonder, and ask, “What is there in brain neurology that brings about consciousness?” I ponder,  and ask, “How is it possible for us to be able to have subjective conscious experiences from neural activity.” I ask, “How does the physical entity of brain matter produce a language that is aware of conscious experiences?” And, it is a curiosity of my how a neurology that produces consciousness can then generate a language that flows into various patterns of speech (more to come in future posts). An even deeper mystery for me exists when I ask, “How do humans who evolved from a long history of pre-aware creatures go on to acquire the unique ability to be self-aware creatures?” For me, there is just an immense mystery in the question, “How does consciousness become awareness and then become self-awareness?” No one knows!  A significant component of my journey in life has been a deep desire to develop a naturalistic worldview that could replace an outdated  supernatural worldview. However, just as important is my eagerness to promote a nature-based worldview that has an explanation for a consciousness (+ unconsciousness) that ultimately leads to self-awareness. I want to understand a self-awareness that can help me answer the major existential questions of mine –> “Who am I?,” “What am I?’” and “What is my place in the Universe?” Do the readers have these same questions?

consciousness - awareness

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