Consciousness Evolution

J. Bronowski stated, “consciousness, then, is our mode of analysis of the outside world into objects and actions.” (1973) I state that consciousness has something to do with our experiences when we are awake, alert, aware, and aroused. To be conscious is beta wave brain activity of normal awake consciousness —-> I will discuss unconsciousness in posts to come. If traced back far enough, consciousness had its initial beginnings with the atomic creation from the Big Bang. Then the Big Birth (animate emerges from inanimate) takes the atoms from the initial Cosmic creation, and those same atoms evolve into cellular life. I keep in mind that all of life has some form of consciousness (maybe intelligence) starting with the tiniest cell. For is it not true, that even the tiniest cell has the capability to react to environmental stimuli? Jeremy Narby proclaimed, “nature teems with intelligence.” (2005) Thus, those atoms that became life had some form of rudimentary consciousness. This initial beginning of consciousness has been on a long evolutionary path on its way to become human self-awareness. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said the cerebralization of the human brain has been on a long journey to ever higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness. I agree that the cerebralization of our brain involves higher-levels of self-aware consciousness. However, in posts to come, I will address how it is to our advantage to bring to awareness our extended long evolutionary journey of those deeper-levels of personal and collective unconsciousness.


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