What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is an energetic force, an awakening life force, a primal need for us. It is to our benefit to experience the mysterious nature of consciousness at all its stages and levels. At its most basic I ask, “What is consciousness?” The word comes from the Latin scire (to know) and cum (with). I view consciousness as having something that concerns “to know with.” The Japanese word chi-sci (chee-say) indicates a consciousness that allows for a knowingness of the natural world. I make a case that we are teleologically and entelechially driven to acquire knowledge, however this drive must be fostered and nurtured. I assert that deeper levels of consciousness will involve awareness, comprehension, and knowledge (more in posts to come). Additionally, I postulate that deeper levels of unconsciousness also involve awareness, comprehension, and knowledge (more to come). For me, consciousness includes natural world experiences that are perceptual (sensorial) and apperceptual (intuitive). The concept of consciousness raises questions like: “What is the role of consciousness in self-awareness?” and “What is the role of consciousness in satisfying our basal, deeper, and higher needs?” I advance the notion that without some degree of consciousness we will not have an awakening to a self-awareness of “Who am I”, “What am I,” and, “What is my place in the Universe?”

what is consciousness

3 thoughts on “What Is Consciousness?

  1. You have said deeper consciousness involves awareness, comprehension and knowledge (of self and surrounding I presume). Nobody can dispute that. I would, however, put it more concisely as the power of reasoning. Any person having reasoning capacity can be said to be conscious to varying degrees.


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