Consciousness Uniqueness

As I commence on the wide-ranging topic of human consciousness, I want to briefly review the Anthropic Principle, that distinguishes us from other earthly inhabitants. Bipedalism certainly differentiates us from most other creatures making us man-the-walker. The huge discovery of fire makes us man-the-firemaker. It is certainly true that the human tactile sense (our ability to touch and grasp) has had a significant influence on human capabilities. Our 5-digital hand dexterity makes for man-the-toolmaker and man-the-builder. Our highly developed language capability and our ability to record our history makes us man-the-writer and man-the-thinker, and actively discerns us from other world creatures. However, from my standpoint the two most unmistakable, top-notch, and shake-up factors setting us apart from all other living creatures on Earth are:  1.) human morality is innate guidance that we have inherited from a built-up storehouse of Perennial Wisdom and the Natural Moral Code. By way of the overlap and interactivity between consciousness and unsconsciousness this inborn guidance system gives us the capacity and the ability to make free will moral choices instead of just instinctually reacting to our environment, and 2.) human consciousness is our ability to be aware, comprehend, and acquire useful knowledge at various stages and levels. It gives us the capability of analysis, synthesis, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, high intelligence, and most important self-awareness. At the unconscious level it allows for emotive and intuitive guidance to be pushed-up and pulled-up and surface to consciousness.

anthropis principle

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