Human Consciousness

In many posts to come I will extensively focus on the extremely complex topic of human consciousness and its role in the Theory of Balanceology.  The posts to come are more variegated ones in my writing, because they delve into various layers of consciousness related to the human brain. This phase of my narrative  pertains to my deeper journey into experiencing, understanding, and my ability to reach different levels of conscious awareness and comprehension. I designate human consciousness as a human need that we must have access to in order to adequately function in a world of energy/matter that exists in space/time. In the process of addressing this overpowering and complicated topic it will take many posts, and some will be quite lengthy. I will cover detailed multidimensional and multilevel aspects of human consciousness. A significant part of my journey has been trying to tap into the various multiplex stages and levels of consciousness and perception. I will describe how my journey has involved experiencing and understanding the conscious perceptual world, and the massive unconscious apperceptual world. The complexity of these posts will include the overlap and interactivity of Neocortex and the Limbic Brain for intuition, emotion, and cognition. I will also investigate the overlap and interactivity between the spheres of consciousness and unconsciousness. I state that a deeper access to consciousness opens-the-door to help experience and satisfy basal Self and Belonging-Needs, and our other deeper needs of sexuality, love, emotionality, and morality.


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