Emotions Summary

The Theory of Balanceology dictates that humans are a nature-based species, and that we have innate natural needs. In order to have some meaning, health, and balance in life we  must satisfy these inherent needs as best we can.  The Theory of Balanceology maintains that humans have inborn Basal Self-directed Needs of safety/security, worth, empowerment, and enjoyment.  We also have the Basal Belonging-directed Needs of interpersonal connection and social connection.  The theory goes on and maintains we have the Deeper Needs related to sex, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness.  Over the last several posts I have concentrated on our Emotional Needs of fear, anger, sadness, jealousy and happiness.  Our core deeper emotional need has a host of feelings attached to each emotion.  Our goal should be to satisfy our emotional needs by finding a way to experience, accept, and express them as best we can. In the immediate posts to come, I will be focusing on our deeper need related to consciousness.

Emotions defined

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