Deeper Emotions

On a personal level, to  accept  natural  emotions, to be emotionally honest,  to experience those emotions (not to repress or suppress) allows us to go deeper  into our  human nature.  Acceptance  of our emotions  increases  awareness and a better understanding  of consciousness and unconsciousness.  That is, acceptance  and  experience of our emotions tends to help us develop stronger thalamic-cortical brain connections; thus,  allowing healthier  frontal  lobe feeling  interpretations of Limbic system emotions. Finally, acceptance  and  experience of  our  emotions  will be of help in leading to  Self and  Belonging-Needs being addressed.

On an interpersonal level, for two distinct individuals to meet, share, and experience the depths of each other’s emotions is a rare phenomenon. So much human meeting and interactions amount to surface level meeting. Honestly meeting and sharing deep emotions allows two individuals to go deeper into what it means to be a human being. Deeper emotional acceptance and connection allows for deeper person-to-person fusing. Deeper emotional sharing includes a Tong Len connection (giving and receiving). Tong Len connection is the meeting of two individuals where mutuality, synthesis, empathy, and harmony exist. This ability for deep fusion and connection can be transformational for the people involved.

deeper emotions


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