Emotional Energy

Emotions can consume a huge amount of mind-body energy. Do I express, or repress my emotions? Repression consumes energy. Yes, emotions can hurt and emotions can cause pain. However, our emotions can guide us. We should try to be on working terms with all of our emotions. Happiness can help us understand when we are satisfactorily meeting our needs and are having a healthy balance in our life. Fear, anger, sadness, and jealousy maybe indications that we are out of balance, and may help indicate reasons for the accompanying dissatisfaction. We should  try to experience the five core emotions. By experiencing emotions and trying to understand them we are more likely to have a proper feeling response to them. By experiencing our emotions we are more human. Emotional pain is a warning;  no different than bodily pain. Proper amounts of fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and happiness can motivate and contribute to (+) energy and healthy balance. Excessive amounts of the core emotions can overwhelm and contribute to (-) energy, and being out of balance.

At a gut-level, I instinctively know that connecting with other human beings is a huge motivational force in me. We spend massive amounts of mind-body energy trying to fulfill our need to belong with others. If we are truly on an empathetic path of becoming on intimate terms with our emotions, the stage is set for empathetic intimate emotional connections with others. For all of us, intimacy with ourselves and with others starts the process of deeper emotional needs being addressed as we actually experience them. I agree with Hugh Prather that, “the more I connect my feelings during the day, turn into myself to see what I am doing is what I want to be doing,   the less I feel at the end of the day that I have been wasting time.”  (1970)

emotional energy


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