Emotions Matter (Cont)

Try to be on-guard as to how your Neocortex perceives an emotion, processes an emotion, and what interpreted feelings are being generated. Emotions and the feelings that emanate from them are present every moment of the day. For every experience we have there is a biological emotional reaction and a feeling response. It is important that we have an appropriate feeling response. It is important to know when we are over-reacting to an emotional cue. Travis Bradberry maintained that, “your emotions provide you with the cue to act when a problem is big enough to see, yet still small enough to solve.” (2005)  I know that any attempt I have to try and figure out the feelings generated from core emotions is a good thing. Connecting with emotions and the feelings they generate are helpful with the dynamics involved in satisfying motivational needs and the drive to take necessary actions to self-evolve. And, connecting with emotions and feelings are a major help in maintaining higher levels of meaning and balance. However, I have discovered that my attempts to figure out feelings emerging from emotions takes a lot of patience, practice, and energy.

emotions matter


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