Emotions Matter

Emotions matter because they are a major part of the human condition. Fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and happiness all serve a purpose. Emotions are a powerful vehicle to let us know if we are meeting Self-Needs and Belonging-Needs. When our inherent needs are substantially satisfactorily met our emotional reactions can be much deeper and stronger. Emotions are basic indicators that let us know when life is in-or-out of balance. The emotional balance of one’s life is re-enacted in how needs are satisfied or not satisfied. When needs are not being met our emotions react accordingly. Emotions give us feedback related to environmental events and how to respond to those events. Emotions give us spontaneous feedback when we have a significant loss. Emotions are helpful in letting us know about our moral actions:  i. e. emotions give feedback when our actions are immorally based. Emotions give guidance when we are violating various aspects of the Natural Moral Code. Emotional reactions of guilt can be a sign of a healthy conscience at work. Emotions are a significant avenue for intuitive input and guidance.  It is a good idea to be on-guard to see if we are being emotionally honest by asking questions related to our emotions.


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