Positive & Negative Emotions

I suggest that it is possible without committing a naturalistic fallacy to categorize emotions according to those that are more positive or negative in nature. Or, according to whether they are more pleasant or unpleasant and can range from hurting to happiness. All five emotions are biologically driven. And, as I previously posted, all five emotions have a useful function for humans. However, Nature has made it appear that there is only one pleasant emotion (happiness) compared to what I consider the four more unpleasant emotions (i. e. fear, anger, sadness, and jealousy). If not used in a helpful or beneficial manner, the more unpleasant emotions can consume a lot of energy. At times we are so busy experiencing, trying to understand, and attempting to manage the more unpleasant emotions that it is difficult to be happy and to maintain happiness over any stretch of time. In posts to come I will discuss positive emotions, and negative emotions.


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