Emotion of Sadness

The Theory of Balanceology designates sadness as one of the five core emotions:  the other four are anger, fear, jealousy, and happiness. Sadness is a somatic reactive emotion that is often about being wistful, grief, or even depression. Sadness often takes the form of having mournful and gloomy reactions to happenings in life. Sadness can be about feelings of being doomed. Many times sadness involves loss and this loss is frequently related to a lost Self-Need and/or Belonging-Need. Sadness is often connected to loneliness —> feelings of not belonging with another person and being all alone in this world. Short-term sadness can help a person manage lost, pain, and hurt. However, long-term sadness reactions to grief, loneliness and depression can wear and tear on the body and can lead to significant medical conditions.


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