Emotion of Anger

For the Theory of Balanceology,  anger is identified as one of the five core emotions:  the others being fear, sadness, jealousy, and happiness.  Anger is a spontaneous response to endangerment and involves the neurotransmitter adrenaline. The anger response  has some overlap with a fear reaction and being aggrieved.  That is, anger can also have a fight-or-flight component to it because it is a triggering device for incoming threat(s). However, hyper-vigilant, hyper-charged, and hyper-paced excessive anger (rage) can get us into a lot of trouble. Disproportionate anger can get in the way of meeting needs —-> especially our Belonging-Needs. Anger can easily lead to retaliation. Retributional anger is about ire, wrath, fury, and being enraged. Explosive anger with its adrenaline surge can constrict blood vessels, raise blood pressure, bring on headaches, and even lead to a stroke or heart attack. Physiological reactions to eruptive rage can linger for two hours after the initial rage episode. Sometimes it is helpful to recall when an anger moment evolved into a rage moment and try to flexibly accommodate and contain such future happenings.

anger woman

2 thoughts on “Emotion of Anger

  1. We should be calm. Anger only cause damage to ourselves not to whom we are angry. They might even not care also. So we must practice the art of forgiveness and to channelize these emotion into action. There are power higher than us to judge others so we shouldn’t be angry because of others. We shouldn’t be puppets at other’s hand. When we are angry adrenalin level is high so without wasting this potential voltage we must be promising about our own betterment. And passive resistance is also a part.


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