Emotion of Fear

One of our needs as human beings, is an Emotion Need.  Our emotional need is one we have to respect and address if we are to be fully human.  In the Theory of Balanceology I maintain there are 5-core emotions that we need to satisfy:  anger, sadness, jealousy, happiness, and fear.  Fear is a gut level reaction to presenting danger. Fear is a Mammalian Brain reaction with some overlap from the Reptilian Brain. Fear often involves some paranoia. Fear concerns stress, anxiety, and emotional uneasiness. This emotion has a constructive fight-or-flight alerting component to it that is especially helpful when our basal need for safety/security is threatened. Short-term fear can be a beneficial alerting response when we are in imminent danger. However, non-stop long-term fear and anxiety can wear, tear down, exhaust, and decimate the body often resulting in pervasive medical problems.


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