Human Emotions Need

Emotions for humans are primary needs and play a major role in the life we live. The posts to come will focus on our emotions. This phase of my writing pertains to my deeper journey into experiencing and understanding my emotions. I recognize my emotions as one of the five key needs that can bring deeper meaning to our life along with sexuality, love, morality, and consciousness. Emotions play a major role in: 1.) defining Who am I?, and What am I?, 2.) as a basic survival alerting system, 3.) our capacity to belong with others, and 4.) our capability to deeply experience life. The word emotion is a derivative of the Latin word emotus and means stirred up. In fact, emotions and motivation have the same Latin root meaning “to move.” Emotions are poignant forces in life that indeed move us. Emotions “move us,” or “stir us” up in positive or negative ways. Emotions are energetic self-awakening life forces that create positive or negative energy, and can give deeper meaning to our experiences. I have discovered in my own life how both emotional and motivational forces have moved me in various directions.

Without emotional experiences we can’t experience much of life at deeper levels, and we will miss out on so much of what it means to be a human being. Going deeper into our emotions allows those emotions that are stored in our Limbic Brain to surface. Some of these emotions are deeply buried because of the hurt and pain associated with them. A huge part of our journey is trying to experience the nature of all of our day-to-day emotions, and those often unrecognizable painful emotions that have been deeply buried. I am still working on it, but I believe I am doing a better job of being honest with my emotions and letting my emotions surface as they are happening. I desire to do a better job of identifying emotions so I can attach a more appropriate feeling reaction to them. That is, a score of feelings are generated from the five key emotions (more to come) and I am attempting to align sensible and suitable feelings with these biologically produced emotions. However, experiencing, understanding, and reacting to emotions is something  we all will need to continue to work on for a lifetime. The goal for all of us should be to accept, trust, respect, and cooperatively work with our human genomic given emotions.


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