Morality Need Summary

In the Theory of Balanceology I  attempt to make a case that in order for humans to bring meaning and balance to our life we must satisfy, at least to some degree, our inherited  biologically based motivational needs.  I maintain the satisfaction, or not,  of our needs drives our behaviors. The theory suggests that we have the Basal Needs of: 1.) safety/security, 2.) worth, 3.) empowerment, and 4.) enjoyment.  The theory goes on and hypothesizes we have the Deeper Needs of: 1.) sexuality, 2.) love, 3.) morality, 4.) emotions, and 5.) consciousness. The Theory of Balanceology also maintains that we have a Higher Need to bring higher levels of order, meaning and balance to our life.  I have made many posts related to our Morality Need. In the immediate posts to come I will discuss in depth our Emotional Need.  To summarize our Morality Need, I quote Pascal.

morality quote

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