Morality Light-Dark Scale

Morality Light-Dark  Scale – There is  a  scale called  the Bortle LightDark Scale that measures night sky brightness.  I ask, “What if we had a scale that measured morality brightness-darkness?” Maybe it can be another way we can demonstrate  a Moral  Core Continuum. The Morality Light-Dark  Scale  is a  nine point  scale from 1 to  9.  At the far left of  the scale  (# 1)  is the individual who  acts without conscience;  a truly evil person. At the middle of the scale (# 5) is the individual with gray morality, ambivalent morality,  societal expectation morality. At the far right of the scale (# 9) is the person who judges his or her actions on a highly developed conscience. The numbers (#’s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8)  are rated  according  to  the position occupied on the scale. Does such a self-reporting scale have validity?

light dark scale

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