Gray Morality

As our personal moral development unfolds there will always be a contentious tug of war between  our inherited dark side (bad human) and lightside (good human). A moral struggle exists between our prosocial connecting side and our anti-social separating side. Gray morality lies in the middle of this endless struggle. It is the large middle area on the moral continuum where many shades of gray exist. Gray morality is ambivalent, and a kind of milquetoast morality of hesitancy, timidity, blandness, and fluctuation. The vacillating individual lacks a defined worldview, philosophy, vision, mission, and values. A person in the gray area is lost until dark behaviors, or light behaviors come to dominance in a person. It appears that many of us lead our entire life built around a morality of indecisiveness and gray area living. It is a basic-balance morality of central tendency and normality where a person robotically goes through life. Gray morality helps explain why some ordinary people can become enslaved to cults, or why a highly civilized German culture succumbed to Hitlerian dysphemistic ideology.

gray morality

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