Our Moral Core

Moral Core –  In a previous post, I stated the two major criteria that make us unique from all other creatures that ever existed are: 1.) a consciousness that allows for self-awareness, and 2.) a free will to make moral decisions. I attest our moral core is a biologically based Natural Moral Code having: 1.) past primordial genetic values, 2.) present free will values of our choosing, and 3.) future biologically based eternal values; i. e. a postmortem cross-generational contribution we make to our species. Our present core morality is indicative of the core values surfacing from a morality we live by. It is the innermost heart of intentional morality. Our moral core has been on an epic journey of historical self-evolutionary behaviors playing out between our darkside and lightside features. Our darkside protrays characteristic features such as indecency, lying, envy, stealing, and cheating. Our lightside protrays characteristic features such as decency, honesty, truth, empathy, sympathy, and a heartfelt concern for others. I so agree with Martin Luther King saying, “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

Moral Core ContinuumWe are all on a moral continuum between dualistic features of give-take, me-we, solipsism-empathy, darkness-lightness, etc. There is a flow of moral behaviors between  our lightside and our darkside where most of us, most of the time, live our lives in an ambiguous mediocrity gray area along this Moral Core Continuum: Dark behaviors  <–> Gray behaviors <–> Light behaviors. Along  the continuum one’s dark behaviors are mercilessly inclined, gray behaviors are ambivalently disposed, and light behaviors are mercifully prone.

moral core


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