Higher Morality

Thomas Aquinas’ two great writings are: 1.) Summa contra Gentiles; A Summary Refuting Unbelievers, and 2.) Summa Theologica; A Summary of Theology. He called on humans to have a goal for summum bonum humanum (supreme good of humans). He asked us to pursue a life aimed towards the good. Thomas Aquinas said the ultimate morality end-game is to be good and to do good things. For him, human goodness resonates from a reasoned understanding of the natural world, human nature, and our own nature. Aquinas felt, “God can never be insulted by us, except we act against our own well-being.” (1221) I want to elaborate on Aquinas’ end-game by equating kindness with goodness. For me, to be kind is to be good. In a cruel world such as ours kindness and goodness are beautiful thing to behold. I put forth that for any of us to be kind and to do good things, an essential ingredient and requirement is having a top-rated, top-notch, well-developed conscience  (more to come).

good - bad


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