Human Malefic Thoughts

I attest that malefic thoughts have certain similarities with schadenfreude, and are one indication of our current state of evolutionary development. The thoughts are intrusive and frequently unwanted. They are often malicious (some are pleasant). Malefic thoughts often just pop into my head. When the objectionable thoughts pop into my head I often wonder and ask, “Am I crazy?” How weird do those thoughts make me? Am I an evil person? These invasive thoughts can be destructive, acidic, and disturbing. They can interfere with the Self I think I am, or the Self I want to be. We all have inimical thoughts that pop into our heads during daytime thinking, fantasizing, or nighttime dreams —> when cognitive defenses are down. They are manifestations of “normal” thought patterns. They are frequently associated with periods of anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, or envy. They are embarrassing to admit, mostly unwanted, and difficult to understand why they just “showed up.” But the important thing is, the vast majority of us don’t act on these thoughts. They come, they go, they are nonintentional, are usually unwanted, and for the most part are not acted on (by most of us). Malefic thoughts can take the form of:  1.) thoughts of sexual acts of rape, sex with relatives, sex with a child, sexual perversions of all kinds. Disturbing horrific sexual thoughts can make the person say, “What is wrong with me?,” 2.) thoughts of illegal activities like robbing a bank, killing one’s parents, setting fire to a building, making counterfeit money,  ransacking a house, 3.) thoughts of harm such as strangling a crying baby, pushing someone into an oncoming train, animal cruelty, and violence of all kinds, and/or 4).  intrusive word thoughts of blasphemy, cussing, name calling, the toxicity of racial slurs, etc.


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