Human Stubbornness

Stubbornness  is a common human trait and characteristic about “my way or the highway.” Stubbornness refers to human nature’s obstinacy and bull headedness. It is a character trait often associated with concrete and dogmatic thinking. Stubbornness is an impediment for developing long-term attachment, affiliation, and relationships with other people. It is a barrier to overcome the ambivalence to make changes in life. Human recalcitrance correlates with: 1.) a negativistic brain of not accepting new information, 2.) early age imprintation of values and beliefs, 3.) the solipsism of my reality, and 4.) the egotism of me, my, and I.  All of us are stubborn, because as a human being we egotistically want to be right. Stubborness will interfer with our ability to compromise and negotiate. If we are truly open to building our own worldview that we can live by, we will need to be open to listening to the journey and worldviews of others that we can learn from.

man with fingers in ears

One thought on “Human Stubbornness

  1. I, myself, am torn between truly appreciating how hardheaded my stubborn 9 yr old girl is and squashing it flat so that she “listens to her mother”… much as it is my responsibility to protect her from all that is dangerous, I also understand that persistence and standing her ground is what she will need to get by in this world. And a preteen in this day and age is very “entitled”, and (dare I say?) spoiled, especially when it comes to the lackadaisical attitude regarding “respect for adults”. Hoping (& praying) I can find the balance in there somewhere….thank u for ur insight.

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