Seven Deadly Traits

Pope  Gregory I identified what he called the Seven Deadly Sins, or capital vices.  In my discussion of Morality, I substitute the word trait for Pope Gregory’s use of the word sin and speak in terms of the 7 deadly traits. The Seven Deadly Traits can do a lot of damage to the targets we aim to meet in life. The Seven Deadly Traits are major hindrances to satisfy our basal Self and Belonging-Needs, satisfying our deeper needs, fulfilling our higher needs, and just plain managing life. They can dramatically knock us out of balance. Through the defense mechanism of psychological projection we tend to point out these damaging character traits in others, but mostly downplay them in ourselves. However, if we do not convincingly manage these traits in ourselves and redirect them, it will be difficult to connect with other people. I view this section on traits as overlapping with any discussion I have  on human nature and behaviors. The following chart of human nature personality traits and behavioral characteristics are seriously capable of being impediments that keep us from meeting our targets and satisfying our innate needs in life.

7 deadly traits



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