Hamartia is a New Testament word that sometimes can stand for sin, and sin is a  concept related to evil. First of all, let me review the word sin. By using the consequential word hamartia, is it possible to  avoid the more fallacious word sin? Hamartia is about missing the mark. Hamartia is like in archery where the archer’s arrow doesn’t hit its mark —->  he/she is off target. In Hebrew sin is referred to as chattath —> the root chatt is about making a  mistake. Thus, I view hamartia as being off target in our life. I view hamartia as a  consequential concept;  i. e. once we pay  the consequences for being off target,  we can get back on track and on the right path. Hamartia allows us to ask the questions, “What will it take for my life to get back on track?,” “What will it take to meet my needs?,” and “What will it take to bring balance to my life?” I like hamartia because it fits into my Theory of Balanceology growth model that encourages self-evolution. That is, self-growth happens as we get closer to the inner circle, the inner mark that we are targeting. The mark (target) is operationally getting closer and closer to the bulls eye (B) by ever finer gradations of satisfying our needs. I have the bulls eye B stand for balance (see attachment). Wayne Gretzky said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I like the quote because I interpret it as being related to perseverance and not giving up. It is a quote about try, try, and try again. I view it as a quote about devolution and life knocking us down, getting back up, brushing ourselves off, and taking aim at the bulls eye again —> satisfying our needs that lead to meaning and balance. I have made my fair share of missteps in life where I have been off target. I have discovered that when I miss a target in life, a goal in life that I have been aiming for, I now understand the importance of trying to get back on track and to try again.

hamartia B

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