Are There Evil People?

It was Plato who proposed that humans have an intuitive understanding of good actions. I contend that because of our intuitive understanding of the Natural Moral Code we all have feedback that resonates from a repository containing transgenerational Perennial Wisdom. People know what is right and wrong because of endless Perennial Wisdom’s Natural Moral Code feedback. The core heart of every person understands the difference between good and evil. The psychopathics and sociopathics among us have a better understanding of the nature of what is right or wrong than most of us. Yet, they make the choice to do wrong. It becomes a matter of choosing to do what is right by making honorable choices. I do have a choice to face the darkness (evil) within me, and focus on inner lightness (good). One thing that has been of interest to me over the years is how ordinary people appear to have evolved into having a fascination with the homicidal fury and pure evil of the type performed by  Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy. This gullible fascination with the extreme personification of such evil doers of this world is an interesting quirk of human nature. For some reason there is this intense absorption by most of us that pays voyeuristic attention to those committing evil acts. And, there is a spine-chilling realization that ordinary people, under the right circumstances, can perform unordinary demonic and monstrous atrocities.

Thus, I go back to the title of this post and and attempt to answer the question: “Are there evil people?” The answer to this question certainly has to be yes. Anyone who underestimates the human capacity to be cruel and evil is tragically misreading human nature. There are evil people who exist in this world having little room for pity or mercy. There are super-predatory people of pure evil among us who operate from a Reptilian brain aggressive indifference to the rights of others and to life. We have nasty human snakes in the grass whose entire journey in life amounts to a legacy of carnage.  Individuals exist who perform barbaric and bloodlust actions for no other reason than to gain fame from their notorious infamous behavior. There is an endless parade of evil displayed by the beast, the brute, the bigot, and the batterer. People exist who have performed oppressive evil acts of murder, rape, abuse without conscience or any sense of remorse and they condone these evil acts according to their own view of reality.

There has been/is the radicalization of entire societies where hate is fomented and evil actions are condoned. Societies have performed horrifically violent and brutal acts by taking Nature’s morality feedback and twisting it towards their own far-flight view of reality. In 20th Century Germany, Hitler’s dark fellowship became the personification of evil leading to an eternal night of darkness for millions. So I ask the question to readers, “Are there evil people?”


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