Does Evil Exist?

So I have pondered on questions like, “Are there people among us who are grossly affected with evil?” “Do all of us have predilections towards doing evil deeds?” “Are some of us predispositionally disposed to evil?,” or “Why do some people have greater proclivities towards doing evil deeds than others?” I view these questions as being related to having an evil intention and then acting on that intention.  Evolution has concocted together a species that has produced a human nature continuum having a continuous battle between good and evil. On the continuum of benevolency and malevolency, evil is on the malevolent end where inclinations exist capable of performing diabolical actions. All of us are ethically challenged in some ways, and we all have a dark side. Psychological projection may portray only the darkside in others, but we all have our own private viva noir dossier inner demons with impoverished fantasies, desires, and urges. We all have secret skeletons in our closets. There is a proximity to evil that dwells inside each of us —> dare I say a “treacherousness within.” We all have an immersive lock-and-load ready for retaliation side. Evil is real <–> hate is real! Over the years I have paradoxically discovered that some people who on the surface appear to be the brightest moral stars among us often have the darkest inner demons. I once worked at an organization having a CEO who was the epitome of dignity, refinement, and civility. In public she was extremely articulate in her presentation of the companies mission to the community. Yet, I saw her in moments when her guard was down and her public mask was off. At those times she was a nasty person capable of doing real harm.

During my journey I came to the realization that at some level I have been living a dual life (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). There is a me only I know about. I have my rehearsed public presentation that hides my guarded secrets  and flaws that I consider to be only my business. In actuality, all of us have our unseen vices and hidden agendas. We all have shielded untamed monsters within. We all have a protected belligerent quality to our personality capable of producing disgraceful deeds. There is the potential for all of us to perform vile actions.  I agree with Solzhenitsyn that, “the line dividing good  and evil cuts  through the  heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

I theorize that the morality of good-evil is on a tenuous moral spectrum. It appears that in the conflict between benevolency and malevolency there is a lot of space between determinism and relativism.  However, it does appear there is a certain group among us who mostly reside at the evil end of a continuum, and a group of ethically focused individuals who mostly reside at the good end of the continuum. I maintain that we can choose a left-handed path of evil actions, or we can choose a right-handed path of positive actions. Over many years, I have professionally counseled clients who have consistently chosen the left-handed darkside. I unfortunately discovered from those professional experiences that in many cases there are some hardcore dudes that exist among us, and no matter how much attention they were given, how much assistance they received, how much their family loved and supported them, or how much therapy they were provided they couldn’t stop their wrongdoing behaviors.  I welcome all questions and comments!

evil within

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