Human Evil

I suggest that human evil is the malignancy where the source of evil and of suffering has factors that come from the sinister actions of human beings. In the posts to come, I focus on the moral evil caused by us. I view moral evil by humans as irresponsible and the debauchery where we violate natural moral laws. That is, moral evil is caused by human immoral actions.  Human evil is having the intention to do harm and then harming. Human evil, instead of being about mankind, is more about man the unkind. I indicate that human immoral evil is an all too common human behavior. It is  disheartening and perplexing when I try to comprehend the extent and degree of evil we bring to this world. It is astonishing to me the degree of breathe-taking cruelty we humans can do. The human species might be a psycho-neuro-biologically advanced creature, but too frequently we operate from the lower floor of our Triadic Brain (Reptilian Brain) that is capable of generating careless-and-heartless behaviors. The pernicious forces of human evil are all around us.

human nature evil

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