Natural Evil

In a previous post I stated in the study of evil there are two major sources:  Natural Evil and Human Evil.  Natural evil is the malignancy that  has factors outside of human control causing evil. Natural evil are those threatening, hostile, thunderstruck natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, or even severe personal illnesses. It can pertain to those cataclysmic forces coming from Nature. Natural evil forces create those tornadic conditions that can involve a huge loss of life. I have 2 major questions related to natural evil: 1.) “Is this punishment by a higher being?,” i. e.  Act of God?, and 2.) “Does human intervention through repentance, sacrifice, or prayer mitigate or contain the disaster?” In my my mid-twenties I started to question the idea of a supernatural worldview. One reason I questioned a supernatural existence was my inability to comprehend how a magnanimous and omniscient superbeing could allow such massive suffering and pain to exist. In my personal journey I asked, “If there is a benevolent higher source controlling and influencing our world, why would this source allow such destruction to take place?” In posts to come, I will describe how my personal evolution has come to define a worlview I can live with. In posts to come, I will chronicle how my rebuilt worldview accommodates human pain, suffering, and even the realization of our imminent death.  So I ask the readers, “How do you explain natural evil in a world that some suggest has a loving-and-caring superbeing?”

natural evil

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