Good and Evil

Theodicy studies the problem of evil and why God allows the manifestation of evil to exist.  The study of good and evil is about morality. The degree of pain, suffering, sadness, hopelessness, and evil in this world is a true mystery to me. There is just no shortage of cruelty in the world of people. The evil in this world should hurt and weigh on our hearts, because it is a catastrophic affront to what humanity can be. In studying the mystery of the struggle between good and evil I ask,  “Why is there evil in our world?” “What is good and what is evil?” “What is licit and illicit? “Are there evil people in our world?” and “Are humans corrupt by nature?” I have wondered why some individuals seem to have more of a propensity towards corruption than others. Does corruptibility exist in all human beings? Does, “the world lieth in evil?” (1 John 5:19)  How does the reader define evil related to humans? The traditional view of morality endorses an absolute good and an absolute evil. Is there such a thing as absolute good or absolute evil? In the study of the mystery of evil, I will point out in posts to come what appears to be the two major sources of evil: 1.) natural evil, and 2.) human evil.

good and evil

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