The idea of freedom and free will cannot be adequately addressed without mentioning the idea of libertarianism. A true Libertarian believes that we are inalienably endowed with inviolable rights that are bestowed to us as a gift from Nature. A Libertarian says humans are free and capable of independent critical thought, and can have transgressive behaviors against established cultural norms. A libertine is a freewheeling person who is not restrained by cultural norms or niceties. He/she is unfettered by the formalities and formulas of social expectations, cultural dictates, religious dogma, and governmental infringements. A Libertarian advocates for maximum personal rights and a minimum of restraints. He/she promotes a decentralization of the federal government, local governments, and religious institutions. A Libertarian fights for personal privacy against these controlling institutions. He/she fights against the autocratic regimes across the globe. He/she has an inner voice saying, “I wear my own crown <–> I make my own rules.” A Libertarian identifies with the New Hampshire state motto to “live free or die.”

I am proud to proclaim that I am a Libertarian! I unequivocally state that as The Architect of My Life, I can make free choices because I/we have the liberty of free will. In reality, we all make choices all the time. It is just that in many cases they might not be the best choice. In fact, as a Libertarian, I categorically state that once we are adults we have the liberty to perform destabilizing behaviors that botch-up and mess-up our life, if that is a freely made choice. I define an adult as a person whose anatomical brain synaptic pruning and myelination has taken place —-> around the ages of 21-22. In a free society there is a constitutionality that allows us to make free choices. Libertarianism is an admonishment to energetically, seriously, and literally defend that “all men are created equal for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Libertarians are latitudinarians –—-> they are tolerant, open-minded, and broad-minded towards the opinions of others. Libertarianism includes a certain Benthamite utilitarianism that strives to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number.

I am a strong advocate for Libertarianism if the following conditions are vigorously adhered to: 1.)  we have the freedom and liberty to do as we please until it infringes on the liberty of others, 2.)  that government must recognize human imperfections, and with this recognition of humanities darkside there is a need for some level of control and punishment in order to contain that darkside, 3.)  there  is a  karmic reaction to unbridled liberty. Those believing they have the liberty and the impunity to do as  they please will at some point discover that if it hurts others,  or the society they  live in, they will bump into the consequences of a natural Karmic Law retribution (more to come in a later post), 4.)  a liberty and equality balance for me is an understanding that in a democracy that recognizes the equality of its citizens, libertarianism must be equally and fairly applied to all, and 5.)  a world of libertarianism and equalitarianism should have little room for the rarefied lordliness of kings and queens,  princes,  royal babies, dukes and lords, upper crust,  higher classes, caste systems,  a privileged superior citizenry, the 1%’ers, or those elitist personalities of a celebrity tabloid culture.


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